VC Breakfast Club Talk Series

VC Breakfast Club: Expert Panel on Data Management

iAngels Founding Partner, Mor Assia led our recent VC Breakfast Club discussion with three founders, from the Enterprise Software world, specialists in data management.


The panel consisted of Nimrod Luria, CEO of Prifender, Ammon Drori, CEO of Octapai and Yariv Tabac from DBmaestro, who with an impressive 69 years of accumulative industry experience, had plenty to share.


Nimrod Luria, CEO of Prifender, emphasized the massive change taking place in the market that isn’t purely being driven due to the GDPR rulings, but is being fueled due to the simple acknowledgement of data’s value. The possibilities to trade and mine data are ever increasing and a growing industry is turning data effectively into the new ‘gold’.


He went onto explain that once companies manage to effectively answer the question of where their data sits and who owns it, the possibilities generated, become endless. But the enabler is really the integration of software that effectively joins up the dots. What’s most exciting is new revenue streams are being created and organizations are now able to better prioritize business interests thanks to qualified decision-making.


Ammon Drori, CEO of Octapai spoke of the need for businesses to not overlook the importance of having well mapped out data to ensure the data journey from source to business user is smooth and accurate. ‘Those responsible for Business Intelligence have an important job in correctly mapping data journeys and ensuring total compliance with the GDPR ruling, especially since they’re responsible for the data’s last mile’.


But he went onto elaborate that conducting the mapping exercise, doesn’t come without its pains, especially due to such issues as inconsistent tagging of information and incompatible systems etc. Depending on the size of an organization, there can be between 6.7M to 30M data elements on average, therefore pinpointing specific data elements amongst tens of Business Intelligence systems is near to impossible. ‘The management of the data is almost as crucial as the data itself.’


Yaariv Tabac, Founder of DB Maestro, spoke of the industry’s desire to work ever faster which often compromises the quality of output. Something DB Maestro are actively tackling to ensure the automation of data and governance is safe, secure and accounted for.


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