Why Equity Crowdfunding?


For investors, equity crowdfunding allows savvy investors to react and invest in new technology. You learn from the wisdom of crowds – in some cases knowledgeable angels from across the globe – without calling or emailing to ask what they think.

Crowdfunding with iAngels makes the investment process easy. You can commit funds online and have an organized portal with ongoing reports and all the information regarding your investment in one place.

It is time-efficient and convenient. You can log on to your laptop, open your email and have high quality start-up investment opportunities served up to you — with someone else doing the work of scouting, screening, due diligence and negotiating deal-terms. Imagine turning off a pitch that doesn’t resonate with you by closing your browser, without having to sit politely until the pitch session ends. Imagine digging into a promising opportunity and having your questions answered with the click of a mouse.

Crowdfunding with iAngels brings Israel to you — with an insider’s view that few foreign investors have the time or travel budget to see. You are exposed to Israeli deals before they arrive at investor expos and Israel Innovation Showcases around the world. You are handed all the information you need to see to understand the opportunity, assess the risks and make an informed transparent investment decision.

Crowdfunding with iAngels lets you put as little as $10,000 USD in each enterprise — so a commitment of $100,000 USD can build a diversified portfolio, increasing your probability of success fivefold.


For entrepreneurs, crowdfunding reduces the time and expense required to close your investment round — allowing you to access angels from your own office, rather than flying across the globe. It allows you to put forward a single term sheet. You are given access to a broad international community of investors to endorse your value proposition and vouch for you. Crowdfunding opens doors to potential customers, channel partners, connectors and even possible exits. You get the opportunity to test your innovation with a broad community, providing you with validation or suggestions to pivot.

Crowdfunding increases personal productivity and capital-efficiency for all stakeholders, negating the expense and time-consuming need to travel to live meetings and conferences. It is, by and large, the fundraising mechanism of today.