Why iAngels?


Why be an investor with iAngels

If you had the time, you too could immerse yourself in the high-tech hub of Tel Aviv, travel north to the R&D epicentre of Haifa or follow us up to the science centres in the hills of Jerusalem. You could attend conferences, listen to pitches and talk with industry insiders, VCs and analysts. You’d do your own due diligence, negotiate your own deal-terms and essentially, make angel investing in Israel your full-time life’s work.

It’s okay- that’s our job and we love what we do. But more than that, if you invest with iAngels, you’ll be investing with influence on your side. Because we attract Israel’s top-performing angels, we’re often the first to know about hot opportunities and discoveries – before any other angel investment group outside of Israel. Because we understand the expectations of lead investors and savvy angels, entrepreneurs seek us out and ask for our advice. Because of our experience, reach and reputation, we bring you deals that few outside of Israel get to see (until the deal’s been made and you’re reading about it in Forbes).

Investing with influence on your side means you get the same deal-terms as the local lead angels who put their own capital into the deals we bring you —independent of iAngels, with no monetary incentive. Since we see what the lead angels see, you get your questions answered about each deal promptly and transparently.

Investing with influence on your side doesn’t remove the risk of investing in early stage companies. But it mitigates the risk with rigorous analytics that our team has refined from years of experience in global investment banking and corporate technology advisory roles. With iAngels as your eyes and ears on the ground, you get the best deals on the best terms – something that may otherwise be difficult for you to access.

Investing with influence on your side brings you deals that are supported by lead investors who take an active hands-on role in the companies they select. It equips you to put your industry insights and contacts to work for the enterprises in your portfolio, so you are a win/win partner optimizing their wealth-creation.

If you are an accredited investor, wherever you reside, you can become an iAngel investor. Join now for free and enjoy all the benefits of Startup Nation without leaving your chair. Learn more about how it works.

To join iAngels, you simply need to sign up via our website. Signing up is free of charge.

Once we verify that you meet the criteria of an accredited investor, you will get full access to our powerful angel investing platform where you will be able to view a complete investment deck, portfolio dashboard, founders’ webinars, lead investors testimonials and our investment thesis.


Why fund your venture through iAngels

Imagine how much faster you could develop and grow your business if it took less time to find funding. Imagine how much more effectively you could raise capital with access to multiple investors who were looking for a deal just like yours. Imagine how a speedy capital raise could boost your managerial productivity. This is a real possibility with iAngels.

iAngels connects you to tech-savvy investors around the globe with a special interest in supporting Israeli startups, and you don’t have to get on a plane to meet them. Using our platform and connections, you can pitch, build relationships with investors and answer their questions without leaving your office.

And because iAngels offers overseas investors the opportunity to invest under the same terms that were established with your lead angel investors in Israel, there’s no need to go to the trouble of writing up new investment agreements all over again.

iAngels gives you access to our entire network — and opens the door to a community of investors, strategic partners and advisors. If you need an intro to a key customer, a channel-to-market, a strategic partner or someone who can give you expert advice, iAngels can facilitate connections in the US, Canada, Latin America, Turkey, Hong Kong, China, Australia and Europe. By logging onto our group on Silo, (an iAngels portfolio company), you can exchange ideas or ask for assistance anytime you want.