Drippler Launches Chatbot To Provide 24/7 Mobile Tech Support

Drippler, the smart tech assistant app, has announced the launch of Drippler 3.0, which comes with a new tech support chatbot that helps users resolve technical issues on their smartphones.

Drippler’s new chat-based tech support service combines artificial intelligence with a “human-in-the-loop” system, supported by a community of experts who can answer consumer tech related questions on demand. In fact, Drippler’s “Tech Wizards” include thousands of experts, with a waitlist of more than 10,000.

“Drippler 3.0 answers a need in the market by providing an alternative to the outdated tech support call center model that many companies still employ,which wastes time and causes an unnecessary headache for consumers,” said Matan Talmi CEO of Drippler. “We designed Drippler to help people make better use of their smart and connected devices.”

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KamaTech, iAngels launch first VC fund for Haredi entrepreneurs

KamaTech, an accelerator for ultra-Orthodox start-ups in Israel, and the Israeli investment network iAngels, launched the first VC fund exclusively for Haredi entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. In the next three years, the fund, called 12 Angels, will invest some $5 million in about 30 companies focusing on education technology, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and fintech.

The initiative will help entrepreneurs establish their businesses in the rapidly growing ultra-Orthodox start-up scene, said KamaTech co-founder and CEO Moshe Friedman.

“For the first time, investors – not philanthropists – are putting their faith in the talent and commitment of Haredi entrepreneurs,” Friedman said.

KamaTech was established in 2013 as an accelerator for Haredi entrepreneurs. The organization helps members of the community who have a good business idea but few technical or business skills. Benefits for those who participate include personal mentors from leading entrepreneurs in the Israeli high-tech industry, help from law and CPA firms on copyright, financing and other issues, a free project development team, and assistance in hiring, financing and presentations.

iAngels, one of Israel’s leading investment networks, was established three years ago, and now employs 20 professionals. It has raised $50 million and invested in over 60 start-ups, according to Mor Assia, who founded iAngels with Shelly Hod Moyal.

iAngels and KamaTech began talking about working together several months ago, Assia said.

This article originally appeared in the Times of Israel.


That awesome ATM for swapping leftover foreign currency goes after Chinese tourists

One of our favorite startups here at Tech in Asia is TravelersBox, which is an ATM-esque contraption at airports that helps you swap all that pesky leftover foreign currency into something useful, like Paypal or iTunes credit, or vouchers for GAP or Starbucks.

The TravelersBox machine is now going after China’s hordes of globe-trotting tourists, who numbered 120 million last year. The figure will be even bigger this year.

Holiday hotspots

In order to get this new audience, TravelersBox co-founder Tomer Zussman and his team have added in support for the mobile wallet created by Baidu, China’s top search engine. So people just feed their unwanted notes and coins into the machine and then they’re converted into Chinese yuan and zapped into their Baidu Wallet accounts…

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NFX Guild just introduced 13 buzzy young companies to investors

The young Bay Area accelerator NFX Guild hosted its third “demo day” yesterday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, and the attendees were a veritable who’s who of venture and angel investing.

It wasn’t necessarily a surprise that roughly 200 top investors were sitting elbow to elbow to see the presenting companies. NFX Guild prides itself on being different that most accelerators in numerous ways, including that there’s no publicly available application process; startups are instead referred to NFX “scouts,” who happen to mostly be VCs. The last class, which passed through the program earlier this year, saw referrals from 42 people; this class involved 68 scouts.

NFX was also founded by a trio of highly regarded entrepreneur-operators — James Currier, Stan Chudnovsky and Gigi Levy Weiss — who provide NFX companies with $120,000, along with 30 hours of programming, mentoring and investor introductions. NFX in turn gets 7 percent of their company. (If the company has already raised more than $750,000, NFX asks for 5 percent.)

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Israel’s WSC Sports nabs Intel investment for growth

WSC Sports Technologies, which has developed an automatic, real-time, customizable platform to create video for sports broadcasts said Thursday it has completed a $12 million Series B round of financing.

The round was led by Intel Capital, with other investors including the owners of the Minnesota Vikings and the LA Dodgers and equity crowdfunding platform iAngels.

Intel Capital’s director Uri Arazy will join the WSC Sports board. The investment brings the Ramat Gan-based startup’s total funding to $16 million and will help the company “significantly accelerate growth and international expansion,” WSC said in a statement.

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Act Kwik for refills on diapers, pizza and beer

You’re out of diapers and the baby has just … you know. Or your poodle has eaten all his kibble and is looking at you with those sad puppy-dog eyes. Or you’re short a six-pack of beer for the after-game blowout.

Help is just the click of a button away. Literally.

Israeli startup Kwik makes buttons to place on the changing table, next to the dog dish or on your fridge. Tap the button and it sends a message to your preferred supplier. Refills are on their way within the hour.

Physical buttons that make an electronic call for a re-order are not unique to Kwik. Amazon’s nearly identical Dash buttons have been gaining traction with 150 name brands including Tide, Kraft and Red Bull…

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WeissBeerger: Ushering A New Frontier In The Beverage Industry

In an interview with StartUs – Europe’s leading magazine for startups – Ori Fingerer, co-founder & VP Business Development at iAngels’ portfolio company WeissBeerger, shares his insights on the beverage industry & how the company’s analytics tool meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and customers:

Describe WeissBeerger in 50 words or less.

WeissBeerger is the leading Internet of Things & Big Data solution for breweries, soft drink manufacturers and bars. WeissBeerger’s unique mixture of hardware, software and data analysis is ushering in a new frontier in the beverage industry, defined by data-driven decision making and efficiency throughout the value chain.

How did you discover the need for your analytics tool? What problem are you solving?

We developed a unique solution to meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and their customers (bars, restaurants and other outlets). Beverage companies and outlets suffer from high inefficiencies and a total lack of information regarding consumption behavior and sales volume in the on-premise (the most vital part of their business, comprising approximately 400 billion US Dollars). The connected outlet is all about giving manufacturers REAL-TIME insight and understanding of the market in order to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience…

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iAngels named Israel’s Top Fintech Investor

iAngels named Israel’s Top Fintech Investor

Geektime has ranked iAngels top of its Fintech Investors Index for the first half of 2016, following investments such as Zooz, Simplex and TravelersBox. For the full story, click here.

iAngels raises $15 million for startup investments

iAngels raises $15 million for startup investments

iAngels, an angel investment platform that enables accredited investors globally to co-invest with prominent angel investors in Israeli startups, has raised $15 million from European, Asian and U.S. financial institutions, for a fund targeting investments in early-stage Israeli startups. The fund will focus on companies in the areas of fintech, enterprise software, artificial intelligence, smart cities, cyber security and IoT. The announcement takes the total capital raised by the investment company to $50 million, in the three years since it was founded by Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia. In that time, the company has invested $20 million in 63 portfolio companies.

The iAngels model allows clients to choose from companies vetted by its partners, for investments of $10,000 or more. The new fund will act as a co-investor, putting between $250,000 and $1 million into early-stage portfolio startups. “The fund was formed to provide a supportive home for promising startups at the outset of their growth, to answer not just their funding needs, but to accompany them through their various stages of development, regarding strategy, growth, and future funding rounds,” Assia said. (Eliran Rubin)

This article appeared in English Haaretz – Business (TheMarker)

The article was originally published in a longer format in Hebrew in TheMarker

Seed CX Gains SEF Registration from CFTC

Exciting news for iAngels portfolio company Seed CX – the CFTC has now formally granted its approval to be a Swap Execution Facility (SEF).

In fact, Seed CX becomes the fastest applicant to ever receive full registration as a SEF in CFTC history!

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